About Ammna

I am a talented artist with a unique set of experiences and skills including promotional graphics as well as art and design. I have designed creative and innovative design solutions for many different areas within the design field such as advertising, branding, web, print, media and the charity sector. However my forte has always been with print design; designing everything from single sided A5 leaflets to 8-fold leaflets, catalogues, brochures, roll-up banner ads, amongst others.

With a vigiliancy attitude when it comes to delivering the proposed project on time and from start to finish. It is the best way I work, by setting out a time schedule for myself to make sure I am able to complete all projects desired by the time they are due. I love working with teams and other members of staff, it always helps with the design aspect and creates a stronger bond between the staff and myself. One of my key philosophies is collaboration. I believe that by working as a team one can achieve the best possible results.

Growing up in Scandinavia, I have had the opportunity to understand and grow up with the unique clean-cut Scandinavian/Swedish art and design scene. I have also lived and worked in Japan, Italy and the USA, which has helped me gain design knowledge and expand my art, business, graphic, and creativity to another level. This is why having someone like myself, who has moved around and understood a world of design, would be a benefit.

I have a Masters degree in Graphic Design from Florence Design Academy, Florence, Italy. I hold a Bachelors of Arts in Branding and Promotion from the University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK. Both degrees have given me the opportunity to understand presentation, design and style.